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cafe miramundoOur high mountain coffee plantation, Finca Miramundo, crafts rich, robust 100% Arabica coffee in the highlands of western Honduras. At an average elevation of 1,250 meters (4,100ft.), Mt. Miramundo overlooks deep green valleys and the impressive ancient Maya ruins of Copan. Our coffee develops its deep flavor on cool, cloud-swept slopes.

Our shade-grown beans are hand-selected at maturity to ensure the rich body and unusual smoothness of our coffee. Our estate grown Arabica is not a blend of beans from various producers or regions; it is gathered exclusively from our farm’s carefully tended production.

Café Miramundo es un café Arábica de primera calidad cosechado en las montañas de Copán. Su delicioso sabor, lo hace único. Disfrútalo en el parque de aves “Macaw Mountain”.